Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis: A mind monster that loves crushing your creative before it ever gets a chance to go anywhere.

Say you’re excited about creating something, you get a good start on the project β€” hell maybe you even want to share something with the world!

πŸ›‘Β β€œWait what’s the best social platform for this? What’s the best day to post? What time of day?”

“Should my signature color be smoking hot pink or electric lime green?!”

“And who’s my target audience? Should I be talking to Moms with jobs or to kids who have moms with jobs?” 🀯

“And what if that guy I dated in high school sees this? What will he think?”πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Like a boa constrictor 🐍 the more you over-analyze the details the more overwhelmed and stuck you get. Which leads to one sure result … doing NOTHING!

Sure your brain FEELS like it’s taking action while it’s busy overthinking every possible option, detail and scenario. But you’re not actually taking REAL action. Which was that gut feeling you had before you fell down the analysis rabbit hole.

I definitely struggle with Analysis Paralysis β€” it seems the more important the project is to me, the harder it is to dig my way out and take that real action. Sometimes just paying attention and noticing I’m stuck in the loop is enough to snap me out of it and just hit that post button.

Have you ever gotten stuck in Analysis Paralysis? How did you get yourself out of it and take real action?