51 Inspired Passion Project Ideas for Creatives

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Need help brainstorming passion project ideas? Maybe you need a good kick in the inspiration.

I’ve compiled a sh💩t ton of passion project ideas and examples to help kick-start your right brain into creative “what if I actually did that?!”

So grab your Moleskin, plus your writing weapon of choice and prepare for passion project inspiration.

You could …

Passion Project Ideas & Examples

Design Posters of Something You Love

Designers rarely get assigned their dream project—like designing a sick poster for your favorite band. But who says you have to wait for the project God’s to smile upon you? Take destiny in your own hands and assign yourself your dream passion project.

Like designing a series of posters about your favorite things.

Will it be your fav K-Pop band or an omage to your favorite pizza slices in NYC? Why not get them printed and hang em on your wall. Your co-workers will be so jelly you scored such a sweet assignment!

More graphic design passion project ideas:

  • Design a brand identity for a made-up brand
  • Skateboard deck
  • Surf board
  • Wallpaper
  • Design your own tattoo

Fan Fiction Passion Project Ideas

Nerd Out Writing Fan-Fiction

Ever want to read a version of Harry Potter where Harry and Hermoine end up together? Um of course you do because THEY WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!! Take action and turn your wizarding ways into a passion project writing fan fiction.

You’ll be in good company, currently on fanfiction.net there’s over 841K Harry Potter stories! 🤯 Let your imagination go crazy and take your favorite characters on a fantastical story that’s YOU approved.

Other Popular Fan Fiction book genres:

Twilight (222K)
Hunger Games (46.2K)
Hobbit (12.9K)


Skoolie passion project

Convert an old school bus into a “Skoolie”

Do you have a knack for DIY home reno AND a passion for retro? Then your passion project should totally be a Skoolie! What’s a Skoolie? It’s taking an old school bus and converting it into an awesome tiny home on wheels.

You’ll score the ultimate old school cred when you roll up to the KOA. Don’t forget your He-Man lunchbox and Lisa Frank Unicorn Trapper Keeper. 🦄 😎

More homes that move passion project ideas

  • Remodel a vintage Airstream
  • Convert a van and try out living the #VanLife
  • Make your dream THOW (tiny house on wheels)
  • Live on a sailboat or river boat
Car covered in crochet

Become a yarn bomber

Yarn bombing is graffiti for knitters. Why not take your crafty rebel ways to the mean streets of your neighborhood and make something mundane cool. Also known as wool bombing, guerrillia knitting, yarn storming and my favorite … “kniffiti” 🤣  Just think, somewhere there’s an ugly fire hydrant waiting to be attacked by the Banksy of crochet.

Other crafty passion project ideas

  • Needlepoint a series of funny sayings
  • Crochet weird animals or unexpected household objects
  • Create your own flag or coat of arms
  • Sew a quilt out of your favorite old t-shirts
Checking into a Hostel Passion project idea

Open a cool hostel

Give backpackers and lonely nomads a place to sleep AND hang out. Hostels don’t have to be bargain basement … I stayed in a Selina in Panama and it was downright the coolest place to hang out in the town! The decor was chic, there was a rooftop bar complete with tacos, a swimming pool and a beat dropping DJ. I danced the night away and no one knew I was way too old to be there.

More lodging passion project ideas:

  • Rent your apartment out on AirBnB
  • Create a glamping campground in your backyard
  • Transform a farmhouse into a bed and breakfast
  • Buy a “surf shack” on the beach
  • Design the tiny house of your dreams

Lead A Creative Retreat 🌴

Got itchy creative feet? Teach your creative expertise in an exotic location. Copywriting? Photography? Watercolor? People want to learn these skills AND they want to go on vacation. It’s a win-win passion project! Not a great travel planner? You can even outsource the retreat planning and just show up with your sweet creative skills.

Creative Retreat ideas

  • Watercolor
  • Painting
  • Typography
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Drawing
  • Creative writing
  • Coding
  • or any skill you have that others would love to teach!
Passion Project Ideas Goat Cheese

Produce your own goat cheese 🐐🧀

Do you love crumbling goat cheese on your salads? Why not turn that cheesy love into a passion project and become the G.O.A.T. in making goat cheese! Just imagine the farmers market frenzy when you unveil your signature “ooh la la truffle speckled chèvre”

Pro tip: When I was little someone gifted my family with a sinister pair of goats who tormented me and I was always running away in terror. So I’d recommend vetting some non-evil goats for your goat farm.

More farmers market worthy passion projects

  • exotic mushrooms
  • organic soap
  • hand-poured candles
  • grown your own herbs! (have you seen how much a sprig of rosemary is?)
  • essential oils
  • organic skin care
  • bake artisan breads
Lettering Passion Project Ideas

Letter something that’s never been lettered before

Lettering another motivational quote? Snores-ville.🥱 You’re more creative than that! How bout a series of quotes from Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction? Or a tribute to the worst YouTube troll comments you can find? Combine something unique with your lettering and you’ll be on the fast track to improving your lettering skills, plus you’ll get more eyeballs on your art!

Rescue old furniture and make it awesome

Do you have a packed Pinterest board entitled “Furniture Before and Afters”? Well hold onto your staple gun, and get ready to DIY that love into a furniture makeover passion project. Step 1 will be discovering that ugly duckling piece waiting for its sparkly AFTER reveal.

Pro tip: If you see an awesome couch on the street but don’t have a pickup truck swipe the cushions to buy you time. When you drive back in the truck your cushion-less couch will still be waiting for you! 😜

Cultivate Your Own Honey 🐝

I think we can all agree bees are the most important bug on the planet. (And mosquitos can burn in hell.) But besides helping the little buzzer buddies thriving, a passion project in beekeeping might lead to all kinds of creative adventures. Like jarring raw honey, dabbling in beeswax cosmetics, or creating your own mystical magic bee pollen elixir of life.

More DIY food passion projects

  • Brew a craft beer (then make your own packaging!)
  • Roast coffee beans
  • Bottle your own hot sauce
Board game passion project

Craft a board game

When we played board games as a kid we always added our own rules, like when you land on Free Parking you get a giant pile of money. Which is a massive fun-provement to the “official” Monopoly rule book where you just get a free lamo parking spot. YAWN … but, imagine how fun it would be to make up ALL the rules to your own game! And design all the parts and pieces.

You could call it Passion Project — The Game! Um, you can probably come up with a better title…

Children's book passion project idea

Dream up a Children’s Book

Just because every bored, mid-life crisis, celeb has published their own children’s book shouldn’t discourage you from taking one on as your passion project. A children’s book is as creative as it gets! Fanciful illustrations, non-sensical language — anything that inspires our tiny humans into growing into more awesome adults needs to be happen!

Paint a mural

Is there a beige wall in your house that’s boring your eyeballs to uninspired tears?! Take creative action and make painting a mural your next passion project! It’s easy… google mural painting, hit the paint store and create the Insta-worthy wall of your dreams!

Spaces that might need mural-ing

  • Paint the most amazing Zoom background ever
  • A fantastical kids playroom
  • A basement door to the gates of hell?
  • Turn a bla guest bathroom into a drool-worthy destination
  • Backyard sheds, barns
  • Ugly electrical boxes & eye sores
Passion Project Cooking

Start a cooking show

Does your creativity thrive in the kitchen? You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to make an impact with your love of food. Maybe you’re more of a sandwich artist? Or great at whipping something up with minimal ingredients. Take that food creativity and film your food experiments live. Who knows, you could even document your journey going from a mediocre to master chef!

Other food passion project ideas

  • Start a monthly supper club with your friends
  • Gather all your family recipes and design a family cookbook
  • Create an IG account focused on a specific food you love. (Donuts, eggs benedict, pizza margarita …)
  • Become a professional eater and start reviewing restaurants
  • Design a neighborhood restaurant food guide
  • Buy a challenging cookbook and cook EVERY recipe in it (I feel like I’ve seen that movie…)
  • Travel around the world and take a cooking class in every city!
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